DIY Diaper Change Distraction Station

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Here’s how to make a diY diaper changing distraction station Using items you already have!

In this post I show you how to create a DIY Diaper Changing Distraction Station using items you have lying around the house!

For your convenience, I linked to items that we used for ours, so this post does contain affiliate links for which I may receive a small commission should you choose to make a purchase.

Why do I need a Diaper changing distraction station?

Once your kiddo starts rolling, diaper changes can feel more like an alligator wrestling match! This station will keep your little one entertained long enough to get the diaper change done. Or at least keep squirming to a minimum!

As a bonus, this super simple DIY distraction station recycles items you have around the house. Like leftover baby shower gift bags!

After our baby shower, we had SO MANY bags. I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing them away. They were way too cute (and some pretty pricey) to just throw away. So we packed all 30+ of them … the ones without glitter … into a box and they made the move with us. There is no way I’ll be attending as many baby showers as I have bags, so I’m on a mission to come up with ways to recycle them. Enter this DIY Diaper Changing Distraction Station!

Here’s what you’ll need to make two stations

  • Scissors
  • Glue (I used Elmer’s Rubber Cement. I tried tape. Packing tape would work, but glue definitely worked better than Scotch tape.)
  • 8 3M Velcro Command Strips (4 for each to create two pairs for each station, a back side and a wall side)
  • 2 cardboard pieces cut in rectangles (I cut the flaps off my last Amazon box)
  • A large gift bag with a fun pattern and with ribbons (you can also use geometric wrapping paper!)
  • 1-2 sensory toys (this one and this one are what I used)
  • 1 rubber band per toy (optional)

How to make it

Step 1: Cut the sides off the bag, leaving the ribbons in tact.

Step 2: Make sure your bag will fit around the cardboard piece you are using, leaving enough room for a lip so there are no sharp edges. If the cardboard is too big, trim it down.

Then, glue down the cardboard 1-2 inches from the bottom of the bag. Fold up the bottom lip and fold in the sides. Glue those down.

Step 3: Turn the cardboard over and glue down the front side.

Step 4: Depending on your toys, you have a couple of options to personalize your station at this point. You can leave the ribbon in-tact and loop links like these between one toy and the ribbon. Or, get a toy with a built in link, like this one:

You can also use a rubber band to attach the toy to allow for a bit more give. This is helpful if your baby has a strong grip and you don’t want it to get ripped off the wall during its first use.

Or, you can cut the ribbon to make room for two toys, like this:

Step 5: Finally, velcro the Command Strips together so they form two pairs. Stick them to the back of your station as shown above. Remove the paper from the wall side strip when you’re ready to secure it in place above your changing table.

Stick into place and wa-lah! You’re ready for the next diaper change!

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